Friday, 14 December 2012


  • Waste are things that we  no longer use and would throw away.
  • Waste may include materials such as old magazines, old newspapers, boxes, glasses and plastic bottles, metal containers and food residues.
  • Food and plants are throw away are known as organic waste.
  • We can find these waste from markets and food stalls.
  • Chemical waste can come from agriculture, factories and our home.
  • Smoke from the burning of fuel in factories and vehicles are waste that are let out into atmosphere.
  • The amount of waste produced by human activities is increasing. 
  • In some places, the local authorities will provide proper facilities to dispose of the waste.
  • We should play our parts to make sure we use the proper ways of disposing of waste.
  • Use the bins provided by the local authority to throw our waste.
  • It is a good habit to sort our waste into different types before throwing them away.
  • Chemical waste can be put into special containers and disposed of appropriately.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Plant Competition

Plant Competition
  • Like animal, plants living in the same habitat have to complete for the same factors in order to survive.
  • Plants need water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrient to make food.
  • Plants get water and nutrient from the soil.
  • If there are too many plants growing in the same area, the place will be overcrowded.
  • They complete for sunlight, water, nutrient and space.
  • Competition can occur among plants of the same species or of different species.
  • When competition occurs, the plants that receive enough water, nutrient and sunlight grow better and healthier. 
  • Weaker plants may become stunted, wilted or die.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


  • A fast moving vehicle takes a shorter time to reach its destination.
  • A slower moving vehicle will take a longer time to travel the same distance.
  • We can measure how fast or slow an object moves.
  • This measurement is called speed.
  • What is speed ? Speed involves distance and time.
  • If  we know the distance travelled and  the time taken, speed can be calculated using the formula  : speed = distance/ time

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Trip to Science Museum Kedah

My Trip to Science Museum Kedah
  • 30.09.2012 ( Sunday)my school have a trip to Science Museum in Kedah with my student.
  • This is 2 of  1 Science Museum in our country, another one is Science Museum Kuala Lumpur.
  • Science Museum Kedah have many interest thing about Science and make us understand many knowledge about Science.
  • After this trip, my student more interested in learning Science.
  • Let us see something we can meet in this Science Museum Kedah:

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Machines Part 2
  • Some tools of devices use more than one simple machine, such as scissors.
  • A tool or device that has more than one simple machine is a complex machine.
  • Example :
Step Ladder - Inclined plane, Screw

Mechanical pencil sharpener - Wedge, wheel and axle
Puncher - Lever, wedge, screw

Scissors - Wedge, lever, screw   

  • By using the simple machine or complex machine, can help us to do a lot of work and easy.
  • Such as :
They use a pair of scissors to cut the paper to make the card .

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Machine Part 1

What is Machine ?
  • A machine is any tool or device that enables us to do work easily, quickly and conveniently.

  • Do you know what is the Machine is he use ? That is one of the complex machines.
  • Do you know how the complex machines made it ? They made of the simple machines.
  • A simple machine is a tool that allows us to use less force to do work.
  • These are seven types of simple machines, that are inclined planed, screw, gear, pulley, lever, wedge and wheel and axle.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

What is Force ?
  1. All actions involve pushes and pulls.
  2. Pushes and pulls are forces.
  3. A push is an action of moving an object away.
  4. A pull is an action of bringing an object towards us or in the direction we are moving.
  5. Expect activity of force :
  • The boy slides down because there is a force pulling him.
  • A man needs to pull the fishing rod to get the fish out of the water. 
  • The roundabout rotates when being pushed.
  • The girl on the swing moves forward and then upwards when given a push.
  • The girl shoot the ball because there is a force pulling the ball.